Portfolio > Inhale Exhibition - 2011

This exhibition was part of a 6 month artist residency with the Arts Council of Kern County. I was among five artists that put on an exhibition on a topic of interest in the Bakersfield community. We selected air quality since Bakersfield is the number 1 city with the worst air quality in the United States of America. This issue is a personal concern of mine.

Eleven years ago, I moved to Bakersfield, CA breathing easy and excited about relocating from an urban area to a community that reminded me of my Illinois home. Gradually, my breathing became difficult and has moved from on-the-spot emergency medicine to a recommended steroid maintenance program. The subject of air quality is something I think about every moment I reach for my red plastic inhaler. My work for this exhibit is about a partnership with nature to improve the air quality in our community; helping us all take in a deep and healthy breath.

These pieces represent a formula for cleaning the air: