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Encaustic, oil
18" x 36"

Filter + Connect + Plant = Breathe

The inside of the Jimson Weed seed looks similar to a pair of lungs. I selected it as the symbol of breath.

The compounds contained in this plant are extremely toxic, however, it can be beneficial for relaxing bronchial spasms in asthma attacks. It has been used for hallucinogenic and medicinal purposes since ancient times. The “asthma powders” of yesterday were ignited at first spasms and inhaled. The effect is a temporary numbing of bronchial enervation and relaxes the muscles.

How do you breathe? Some people take small sips, others hold their breath then exhale in a deep sigh, you may have to remind yourself to take in a deep breath, breathing practitioners concentrate on the breath as a meditation, a way to transcend...thankful for the basic ingredient to life.

Take a deep breath now.